My wife and son on a break while we were out riding bikes in early Spring, around the village of Lenk, Switzerland.

Hi there!
Welcome to Swiss Alpine Prints 📷 🏔️.
I hope you enjoy your time here. You may even find something you'd like to hang on your wall? Especially if you're faimiliar with our exquisite little corner of the world.
This is not a business.
Or it is, but it isn’t.
Do you know what I mean?
It is something more.
"It is the sharing of a love affair with the outdoors - and its inspiring beauty - with the world. And I try to do this in the best way I know how: by photographing it."
I do this all year round: in Winter, in Spring, in Summer and in Autumn.
Or: "Im Winter, im Frühling, im Sommer und im Herbst” as they say where we live. Which is in a small little village tucked away in a corner of the upper Simmental Valley. In the Berner Oberland Region of Kanton Bern, Switzerland.
In other words: in the The Swiss Alps 🏔️🇨🇭🫕.
Gravel bike riding in summer.
Gravel bike riding in summer.
Ski touring in winter.
Ski touring in winter.
Family outing.
Family outing.
Lower down along the Lake of Thun.
Lower down along the Lake of Thun.
As a full time professional photographer in another life - before our family’s move here and having to get a "real job" - I still love to get outside and make images.
But time is limited between work and family life (children, anyone?).
So, I need a bit more motivation sometimes.
And accountability.
Or both.
Anyway, you get my point.
Hence the birth of Swiss Alpine Prints.
This website and online print store is my way of sharing the beauty of where we live with the world.
"These are images made with love, in the Swiss Alps, available in select print sizes, shipped world wide, for free (the shipping, not the prints!)."

Looking towards Rougemont at sunset from Saanen, the mountains become a layered interplay of light and shadow.

I find a lot of joy in showing people someplace they haven't been. Or a place they know well, but in a way that makes them appreciate it all over again 👀👌🏽.
Knowing my images won't vanish onto a hard drive that sits on a shelf somewhere, collecting dust, is somehow immensely gratifying.
And motivating 🚀.

A selection of images printed out.

As environmentally friendly as possible.

It inspires me to get out and photograph, but even more so, it gives an increased meaning to the process. Of course, knowing that I have (and want) to grow the print collection of Swiss Alpine Prints also brings accountability. Even if it is self imposed.
I mean, no one will actualluy look at the images (or order them), will they?
One can hope, I suppose!
Thus, it is a synergy of my need to make images and the want of sharing the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps, our home.
With you.
Cornelius ⛷️🏔️🥾📷

Me out photographing sunset in early Winter, on a mountain pass close to home.

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